Strategy & Business Integration

Everything we do is custom designed to deliver on your business goals – unique business objectives and challenges, company culture, level of in-house expertise, nature of products, size of budgets, diversity of markets, settings of the event and the list goes on. RGE has the experience and has developed best practice modules to build and execute the right strategy. Our network of industry-leading components and subject matter experts at our disposal enable us to nimbly adjust to create customized solutions based on specific client needs and budgets.

Global Relationships & Local Knowledge

  • Established relationships with governing bodies, leagues, event rights holders, brands, vendors and contractors around the world
  • Local market focus on operations to adapt to local cultural differences, tap into local knowledge and offer a truly authentic and immersive experience to a client’s guests

Brand Value Integration & Custom Creative Design

  • Integration with your overall brand message and values to align the program goals with the overall goals of the company and remain true to the brand
  • Custom creative design, including custom logo creation and program collateral to ensure your program has a one-of-a-kind feel true to the brand personality and values

Guest Management, Entertainment & Technology Integration

  • Strategic planning, flawless operations and meticulous attention to guest security to guarantee guests will have the best, most seamless and safest experience possible
  • Additional entertainment outside of the event itself to enhance the experience
  • Innovative, organic and engaging technology and entertainment integration to enhance the experience

Research, Analytics, Reporting & Analysis

  • Data and insights-driven strategy and success measurement tools to highlight industry trends, consumer behavior and affinity, activation tracking and ROI analysis
  • Establishment of benchmarks and best-practices for different customer groups, based on quantitative research and qualitative analysis

RGE has unsurpassed expertise in global sporting event operations and guest experiences.

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